Over the years, Africa has woken up to the realization that the acquisition of knowledge and skills is critical for growth and development. Attendant to this has been the emergence of a competitive training environment in which organizations have to make the difficult choice as to the institution they should send employees to.

Management Development and Productivity International (MDPI) is a leading Management Training Consortium that undertakes management training and organisational and Institutional capacity building, to reinforce the capability of middle and top-level personnel and supporting staff in the Public and Private Sectors, as well as Non-governmental organisations. Our vision is to become a Centre of Excellence in Management Training in Africa and indeed the World at large.

In pursuit of this noble vision, MDPI has developed and designed a comprehensive calendar that recognizes the urgent need to address workplace challenges in Africa. The calendar is backed by highly competent and experienced trainers who have demonstrated incredible excellent performance that has positively impacted all our alumni, not only have they ably transferred their knowledge and skills to participants, but they have gone further to build valuable learning experiences that continue to improve actual performance of organizations all over the continent. MDPI is ready and committed to empowering employees in the public, private sectors and civil organizations in order to make development a reality.

We wish to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the various organisations and individuals who have supported us in the past. I believe MDPI has definitely proved to be the best amongst the rest. I therefore urge you to continue choosing MDPI as your ideal training destination. For those who have not had the opportunity yet, I recommend that you spare a moment and peruse through our training calendar for 2013 and you would definitely identify a programme that would meet your training needs.

MDPI would be very pleased to be at your service, if you offer us the opportunity by enrolling your staff in any of our range of courses in the 2013 Management Training Programme. We look forward to welcoming your staff to an MDPI experience.